A Primer on the Green Business Bureau, by Premier Prizm Solutions

A leader in medical management services, Premier Prizm Solutions is committed to providing a completely paperless environment for its clients in the health care industry, a sector traditionally known for creating huge amounts of paperwork. Premier Prizm Solutions has chosen to demonstrate its commitment to the environment by becoming green business certified through the Green Business Bureau.

Michael Kennedy, the co-founder and Principal of Premier Prizm Solutions, said, “Our purpose in joining the GBB was to announce to the industry our commitment to being environmentally friendly. We chose the GBB program based upon their reputation in the industry…”

The Green Business Bureau (GBB) gives companies the opportunity to green the workplace in an organized manner that is tailored to each company’s needs. GBB caters to small- and medium-sized businesses seeking a nationally recognized certification that their business practices are environmentally sound.

Additionally, Premier Prizm Solutions aims to assists its customers in going green through Spectrum, its premier business intelligence software. With a focus on managing medical claims within the automobile insurance industry, Spectrum’s dashboard-based technology allows it to function in a paperless work environment.

By using Spectrum technology and becoming green business certified, Premier Prizm Solutions aims to demonstrate to customers its commitment to the environment.

Here’s what the GBB seal can do for your business:

1. Saves money. GBB offers 250 initiatives for going green, many of which are available at no cost. Other initiatives have been shown to return up to 30 times their initial investment.

2. Provides what you need when you need it. The GBB program provides each client with a personalized dashboard. The dashboard tracks a company’s achievements and recommends subsequent steps.

3. Eliminates uncertainty. An individualized EcoPlan delineates the steps your company will need to take on the way to certification. The EcoPlan lists activities and even assigns them to staff members.

(Source: premierprizm.com)

Premier Prizm Solutions Utilizes Spectrum Technology

As a premier medical management company that maintains an unwavering commitment to the environment, Premier Prizm Solutions serves clients in the automobile insurance industry. Premier Prizm operates in a virtually paperless setting due to Spectrum Technology, the company’s proprietary medical management software. Spectrum Technology allows the company to efficiently process and deliver its products and services without any paper usage.

Spectrum is an advanced technology that allows employees and clients to communicate with each other in a seamless manner. The system handles electronic documents, routes billing, and processes claims according to each client’s needs. Clients also have the ability to download, adjust, and track their medical claims online. Spectrum’s features including the following.

1. A flexible dashboard that allows clients to see and manage the information most important to them.

2. Explanations of benefits (EOBs) that are color-coded for easier identification.

3. A variety of customized reports that can run in real time.

4. A ledger for personal injury protection (PIP) claims that automatically calculate a policy’s co-payments and deductibles.

5. Full integration with insurers’ claims systems, providing the capacity to work with a variety of platforms. 

6. A library of commonly used documents that clients can fax directly from the system.

7. An e-mail system that uses the most intuitive and efficient communication technology.

Premier Prizm Solutions is recognized as an innovator in the medical management business. The company was named a finalist for Emerging Business of the Year by NJBIZ, the leading business journal in New Jersey. A major component of Premier Prizm’s nomination was the efficiency of its paperless Spectrum technology.